21 Haziran 2012 Perşembe

girl friend - joy goldkind


Born in Brooklyn NY Goldkind began taking photo’s rather late in life. At the age of 50 when her grown daughters left home she took her first photography class. It was love from the very first class. Learning photography quickly became a passion. From B&W she went on to learn alternate processes. Most of her work is based on a love of classical art

The Girl Friend ‘s series began in the year 2000 and continues today. What started as a joke and a Sunday afternoon project expanded into a study that went deep into a person persona, it went on to explore what lies beneath the surface of what is see on the outside when we look at someone, is this person who we think they are. Do they conform to day’s standards of male and female roles?

It is interesting to note that this is a project of 67-year-old women who is married to her subject for 44 years. The subject is in his daily life is a scrap metal business man who has a passion to race fast car’s

Despite, his ultra masculine past times he was very willing to participate in this project. So what began, as sort of a game dressing up, putting on make-up and possessing for each image quickly became a serious venture? Each character created had a meaning and was part of the whole group.

Goldkind hopes you will realize that what is seen on the outside is but a small bit of the total a person. As with her husband most people have a side that is just below the surface that is not what is expected. Her husband is a complex unusual man who is rather strange, but does have a soft and venerable that is just beneath the surface.

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